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Standardized Test Secrets
Succeeding in Middle School
Web Literacy
Understanding Your Middle Grader

Supply List- 6th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Supply List

8th Grade Supply List

Student Handbook –  Student Handbook

Pick Up and Drop Off-

Just a friendly reminder when dropping off or picking up your student to keep the safety of all students and staff in mind.  Please remember the following:

– Obey school speed limit
– Only drop students off in the coned area on the sidewalk
– Pull completely forward to the car in front of your car or the stop/go sign held by our staff member
– Please follow the directions of all staff members directing traffic
– Please be conscience of all pedestrians crossing at crosswalks.
– When entering the building please use the marked crosswalks.

Thanks for your help in making FTMS West a safe place for our students!


9/1/2015-In order for your child to receive services in the school clinic, the following forms need to be submitted each school year.

The forms are:

Immunization Requirements

New Requirements for 6th Graders

New Requirements for Seniors

Consent to Treat in School Clinic:

English Form   Spanish Form (Espanol)

Health Concerns Reporting Form

English Form   Spanish Form (Espanol)

Consent to Administer Medication during the School Day:

HIPAA Authorization:

9/21/15- To ensure the safety of all students, the following changes have been made to schools regarding medication administration in the school clinics per Community Health Network:

“All medication being prescription or OTC will be transported by a parent or guardian to and from school for grades K-8”.

Any medication transported by a student will be retained by the clinic but will not be dispensed to the student.  In order for the medication to be dispensed, the parent/guardian of the student will be required to come to the school and verify the medication.  Additionally, the dispensing of the medication will have to meet the compliance requirements that all school clinics must adhere to. Any retained medication that is not claimed by the parent/guardian will be disposed of no early than 30 days from receipt.
No products containing aspirin will be administered to a child under the age of 16 due to the potential of Reye Syndrome (this includes migraine medications, Pamprin, etc).

All medication must be in the original, unexpired container. If Rx, a current pharmacy label must be attached in order to dispense.

Your compliance with this requirement is both anticipated and appreciated.