School Counseling

I’d like to make a counseling request.

I’m a parent/guardian, and I need resources!

2019-2020 Counselor Assignments
Ms. Power: Last names A-L
Ms. Sutter: Last names M-Z
Mrs. Kim Roberts – Registrar


At Franklin Township Middle School West, all students are assigned a counselor based on grade level. The assigned counselor will “loop” with your student throughout each grade level in middle school in order to guarantee your student a consistent counseling experience.

Students are welcome to see their counselor with any problems or concerns. Once a counseling request or referral is made, students will meet with their assigned counselor at the counselor’s earliest convenience. If it is an Emergency Request (meaning they or someone they know is in immediate, physical danger), a student will be seen by a counselor the same day. Students may request to see a school counselor by 1) submitting a request on their device using this link or 2) submitting a request form on the iPad located in the Counseling Office at West. Parents are welcome to call or email their child’s counselor to discuss any concerns or request that a counselor meet with their child.

Ms. Sutter (left) and Ms. Power (right) at the Indiana School Counselor Association 2017 conference in Indianapolis, IN

Ms. Maggie Power
Director of Guidance
Last names A-L

Before coming to West, Ms. Power worked at Butler University College of Education and at the Indiana Department of Education. Ms. Power earned her Master’s in School Counseling in May 2014 from Butler. She has a passion for middle school students because of the unique challenges, changes, and opportunities students face during 6-8th grade. She has served on the Indiana School Counselor Association board and mentored as a “Big Sister.” She enjoys spending time with her husband, two young daughters, and two mini dachshunds. She loves to spend time outdoors running, walking, hiking, camping, and canoeing and enjoys yoga and cooking.

Ms. Power (left) and Ms. Sutter (right) at the annual PBIS: Starting, Scaling, & Sustaining 2017 conference in Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Anna Sutter
School Counselor
Last names M-Z
Twitter: @MissSutter

Ms. Sutter obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Butler University in 2016, and she stayed at Butler to earn a Master’s degree in School Counseling in 2018. She is a member of both the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the Indiana School Counselor Association (ISCA). She believes that each student at West brings a unique set of skills and experiences, which deserve to be both recognized and celebrated. She understands that middle school is a critical and significant time in a student’s life and sees it as an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Her goal  is to create a safe space for ALL students to feel comfortable coming to her for help. During Ms. Sutter’s free time, she enjoys visiting with family and friends, running, and volunteering at Brooke’s Place.

School Counselors are confidential listeners who can do the following:

Academic Development

  • Support tudents in developing an educational plan for success
  • Assist students in becoming invested in their school success by showing them how school performance relates to career opportunities
  • Work collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers that may impede student achievement
  • Administer High Ability test (CogAT)
  • Develop and communicate Section 504 Alternative Learning Plans

Career Development

  • Instruct College Go! Week classroom lessons to all students
  • Administer career inventories
  • Provide guest speakers in the professional world
  • Support all students’ drive for success
  • Encourage students to explore their postsecondary options

Personal/Social Development

  • Assist in the development of positive attitudes among students towards self, family, peers, and community
  • Provide education to students in order to develop problem-solving skills
  • Mediate peer conflict and teach conflict resolution skills
  • Work with students to understand and appreciate their unique qualities
  • Encourage students to grow personally and socially
  • Provide individual, school-based counseling
  • Lead small group counseling sessions